What To Look For In Holiday Accommodation In Rye

One of the most popular places to take a holiday is the coastal town of Rye. Situated along the peninsula coast of Mornington, this hotspot is great for everyone, including families, solo travelers, and couples. Nestled next to the beach and surrounded by nature, this little town is great for people looking to get away from it all. When it comes to finding a place though how do you go about it? How do find the best place for your holiday in the midst of hundred of holiday house rentals in Rye? What do you look for? Well, we have made things easier by providing you with three of the best things to look for when it comes to holidaying in Rye

It Is Close To The Town Centre? 

As much as you want to experience the natural side of Rye, you want to be close to the Town Centre. You want to enjoy what the town has to offer – the food, the drinks, the nightlife, the cafes, the mornings and more. And you can’t do this if you are on the other side of town. Make sure your hotel or house rental is not too far from the town centre.

What Amenities Does It Come With? 

As much as you want to enjoy the hotel rental, you want to enjoy the property too. This is why you should look and ask to see what comes with the property. What extra amenities come with the property? What is going to make your experience all that more better? We have listed some of the things that you should be looking for:
  • Outdoor area

  • BBQ

  • Pool

  • Spa

  • And much more!

How Far Is It From The Beach? 

If you are looking to enjoy a beach experience, then why will you want to be far away from the beach? When it comes to looking for accommodation in Rye, you should always check how far the property is from the beach. Do a Google Map search and find out if the beach is a short walk, a short drive or a drainer walk to the water. By following these three things, you will be able to find the best holiday house for your trip to Rye. But we can make it easier for you: all you have to do is contact the experts at Holiday Shacks. With a list of properties and holiday houses for you, you will be able to find the ideal accommodation in the Mornington Peninsula that will suit your needs and requests. Check their listings today and find out!