Hungry For A Late Night Feed? 4 Best Meals For You

It is 11pm, or hell, even 1am, but you are hungry and need food after a night out. So where do you go? What do you eat? You can always go to bed hungry, but since you are out and about you might as well as smash some food. But what late night meal will work best for you? We did the taste test and have everything you need to eat below!

    1. A Klassic Kebab
      If you are thinking late night food that after a night out, nothing beats a tasty and heavy kebab. There is no denying that it remains the staple of the late night food run and will make a huge difference to your belly. There are plenty of kebab places out there, but if you are looking for the Best kebab in Melbourne cbd, then check out BBQ Villa. You can check out their menu right here, so you know where to go at the end of the night.
    1. The Maccas Run 
      McDonald’s has always been known for its quick bites and meals. And with the food being ready in a few minutes, how could you deny a Maccas run late at night? With so many outlets available across the city, you can always swing by one at any time of night and grab yourself a meal. It will cheap too and will fill you up. Can’t really ask for more than that.
    1. Pizza Party
      Who doesn’t love pizza? It is quick to make, easy to eat, and comes in an array of different flavours and tastes to suit everyone’s needs. You can go for classic pizzas (like Hawaiian or Margarita) to more lavish gourmet pizzas that push the boundaries of tastes and logics. The trick is to finding the right pizza place that offers a late night feed. Thankfully in the CBD of Melbourne, there are plenty of late night pizza places that are open for you.
  1. The 7-11 Feed
    Finally, if you are hungry, but not overly peakish for a heavy meal, you can always head down to the likes of 7-11 to get yourself a snack. In fact, in most cases, 7-11 will be able to provide you with a wealth of options to feed your hungry. They can provide you with anything from chips to chocolate, from Pepsi to cold water. If you are after something to snack on, that won’t bloat your belly, the a trip to 7-11 can do the trick.